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A Beautiful Smile with Lighter Teeth

If you have teeth that have become yellowed over time, don’t wait to have a dazzling smile again with Bella MedSpa professional teeth whitening services. Coffee, medication, aging and genetics can all contribute to tooth discoloration. We offer teeth whitening treatments that accommodate each client’s needs and care.

Teeth Whitening in Comfortable Surroundings

At Bella MedSpa you will have your quality teeth whitening treatment in comfortable and private surroundings. An RDA (Registered Dental Assistant) will examine your teeth, evaluate your starting shade and record it. Your RDA will then go over any concerns you may have and help you choose the whitening treatment that is right for you.

Gorgeous White Teeth with a Youthful Look

Your teeth whitening treatment will oxidize discolored or stained molecules and change the color of your teeth with a whitening effect. Everyone is different, and your whitening session will vary depending on stains and the shade of your teeth. Your RDA will go over the number of recommended sessions that are needed to best suit your teeth and lighten them to the desired shade. You can enjoy your newly whitened teeth for around 3-6 months, depending on your diet, dental cleanings and oral hygiene habits.

How it Works

When you come to Bella MedSpa for your teeth whitening treatment, we secure your gums and lips with a protective barrier to prevent any chemical burn from the whitening gel. The gel contains active whitening agents and is placed on each tooth. Your RDA will use LED lights to activate the gel so it permeates the enamel and dentin layer of your teeth. During this process you just sit back relax and let the magic happen.

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