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PDO Threads for face Lift

The PDO Thread Facelift

Now with the PDO Thread Facelift you can improve your aging face without having to resort to plastic surgery. If you have tried injectable cosmetic treatment and skin resurfacing to no avail, the PDO Thread Facelift can be the right non-surgical solution for you. The threading procedure treats your under eye area, your jaw line and wrinkles around your mouth as well as other parts of your face for a younger look.

What is a PDO Thread Facelift?

A PDO Thread Facelift combats the effect of aging by pulling back the skin on your face. Unlike complicated facelift surgery where portions of your facial skin are removed, with threading tiny threads and temporary sutures suspend your skin to lift and tighten in a procedure that can take under an hour. Threading stimulates your body’s healing response and directs collagen and elastin to the treated areas. Threading can last 1-3 years, and while the threads remain in place your collagen will remain activated for a gradual improvement of your skin tone and firmness.

The Benefits of PDO Threading

Many people choose PDO Threading because the procedure is fast with little or no downtime and you will see results immediately. The threading treatment promotes cellular turnover and improves your skin’s texture and tone. PDO Threading will lift, firm and tighten your facial skin, minimize wrinkles and enhance your facial contour.

Why Choose a PDO Threads Facelift?

A PDO Threads Facelift can be performed in the privacy and comfort of Bella MedSpa. The treatment can counteract the effects of aging and restore a V-shaped contour to your face for a more youthful look. Threading can improve sagging jowls, loose skin under your chin, drooping eyelids, aging lips and sagging brows for a more beautiful look.

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