Non surgical nose job Dallas

Non Surgical Nose Job

A Beautiful Nose without Surgery

Now there is no excuse to be self-conscious about your less than perfect nose. At Bella MedSpa, you can change the shape of your nose - without complicated surgery. A Nonsurgical Nose Job is a fast and easy way to change the contour of your nose. The treatment is sometimes referred to as nonsurgical or liquid rhinoplasty and some call it the 15-minute nose job.

Modify the Shape of your Nose and Smooth Out Imperfections

A Nonsurgical Nose Job is performed right in at the Bella MedSpa in elegant and relaxing surroundings. Make your nose look less angular, lift the tip of your nose and add volume in all the right places to give yourself a beautiful profile. The treatment can also smooth out small bumps to create an appealing look.

The Nonsurgical Nose Job Advantage

If you are ready to make your nose more attractive but you don’t want to go to the hospital for surgery, a Nonsurgical Nose Job makes a lot of sense. Many people are reluctant to go under anesthesia and have a complicated surgical facial procedure that creates a permanent change. A Nonsurgical Nose Job is the perfect solution to change your look without surgery.

How it Works

How it Works A Nonsurgical Nose Job uses dermal filler material to alter the shape of your nose and change your profile. The treatment works by injecting a gel-like substance under your skin where you want to have smoother lines or more volume. This filler ingredient settles into the deeper layers of your skin so it holds its shape for months, or even years. Count on the experienced professionals at Bella MedSpa to help you look your best.

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