Medical Grade Facials Dallas

Medical Grade Facials

A Medical Grade Facial to Restore your Skin to Beauty

Medical Grade Facials, often referred to as Medi-Facials, are treatments designed to repair and restore the skin. For skin that is dehydrated skin, has sun damage or pigmentation and is starting to show showing signs of age, a Medical Grade Facial can be the best solution. Medi-Facials differ from spa facials because of the materials and devices used during treatment. At Bella MedSpa, your aesthetician will help you determine which type of Medical Grade facial is right for you.

How It Works

Your Medical Grade Facial may consist of one or more of a number of techniques. You might benefit from microdermabrasion, peels, photo rejuvenation, LED therapy, microcurrents or dermaplaning, or a combination of more than one method. Medi-Facials use materials like vitamin cocktails, serums like hyaluronic acid, placenta extracts and other materials.

What to Expect

The Medical Grade Facial process involves cleansing the face of toxins, dirt and grease to start, followed by exfoliation and extraction. Hydration of the facial skin is the last step. Devices such as ultrasonic and mesoporation are used to help medical grade products penetrate into deeper layers of the skin for longer lasting results.

The Results are Clear

Receive your Medical Grade Facial in comfort and privacy at Bella MedSpa where your rejuvenated skill will radiate a healthy glow and appear hydrated and soft after treatment. For your safety, products used during your Medical Grade Facials are generally regulated by the FDA and approved by dermatologists. You will enjoy improved circulation and increased collagen for firm, tight and healthy skin for a beautiful, youthful look.

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