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Lip Blush

The Easy Way to Beautiful Lips

Imagine having perfect lips from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until you tuck yourself in at night. Lip Blush stays on all day, every day, even after a meal. Lip Blush, a form of permanent makeup, will keep you looking your best throughout the day without the bother of reapplying lipstick and lip liner every few hours.

The Look of Naturally Applied Lipstick

At Bella MedSpa our experienced aestheticians can help you choose the perfect semi-permanent Lip Blush color for your lips. The color you choose should correspond to your own unique skin tone. Many people with a pale skin tone choose peachy shades, while those with darker olive skin choose corals, reds or amber. Yellow skin undertones work well with corals and bronzes, while darker complexions are enhanced by strong colors with orange elements.

The Lip Blush Advantage

Lip Blush is a form of cosmetic tattooing that will enhance the beauty of your natural lip color. The process can also improve the shape of your lips while giving them definition and an illusion of fuller lips with a natural look. The experienced professionals at Bella MedSpa help you select the perfect lip color, and they will use the latest advanced techniques to get the results you deserve.

How it Works

With Lip Blush your licensed Bella MedSpa aesthetician will use a tiny, mechanized needle to deposit pigment into the lips. The process builds up layers of attractive color and evens out the tone of lips while correcting any asymmetry. A topical anesthetic is applied beforehand to numb the lips and alleviate any discomfort. After treatment you will enjoy beautiful, natural-looking and long-lasting results. Count on the experienced professionals at Bella MedSpa to help you look your best!

Permanent Lip Blush

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